• Miško Šuvaković


The papers on theory and art in this issue of TheMA are related to two research projects: (1) transdisciplinarity and new theoretical genres and (2) critical turns, performed and developed in Belgrade at the Singidunum university, the Faculty of Media and communication, department for Humanities and theory of art.

According to the meaning of the concept “transdisciplinarity”, the contributors move across, through and beyond the fields of new theory/art genre production. These articles are related to postmedia and socially related speculations on logic, strategy and tactics of agency in contemporary thinking, writing and representing. We have tried to draw borderline between art and science through poly-genre theory and trans-genre art.

Theoretical or artistic “language” is never neutral, never stable, and can never be truly objective or personalized. Language in this context is a transversal vehicle more than a territory.