Women’s writing as differential writing: The inscription of (feminine) body into text


  • Dragana Stojanović


women’s writing, differential, text, body


Women’s writing as a term in post-lacanian, poststructuralist texts stands for the specific inscription of women’s body into the textuality of language and discourse. Women’s writing thus introduces a new layer of presence of the other perspective into the dominant phallogocentric mode of writing, reading and speaking, into the dominant mode of signifying. At the same time, by producing itself as the other perspective and yet doing it within the phallogocentric discourse, it challenges the authority and unity of the significational chain within it, opening the potential of transgressions, restructurations, significations and hybridizations of the system, writing itself as a writing within a writing, a writing which frictions with the (dominant) writing – it constitutes a practice of differential writing. This text explores a potential of women’s writing as differential writing, and researches it as a vehicle of possible cha(lle)nge of a phallogocentric signifying mode.