Epistemology of turns through image/text agency: The complex reading


  • Miško Šuvaković


epistemology of turns, the will to knowledge, operational text/image, image/text theory, Postmedia practice, tactical art (airports, general intellect, storytelling, touch)


This essay points to epistemological questions on the relation between visual and verbal theorisation of contemporary media and Postmedia art. The discussion is poly-generic because I used the models of theoretical interpretations, manifesto assertions or modes of visual indexing to interpret visual or nonvisual aspects of contemporary art. The purpose of the discussion is to point out the antagonisms and conflicts of contemporaneity. In the discussion, I point to theorisations of modern and contemporary human, cultural, and artistic practices that refer to antagonistic and certainly turbulent processing of production and reproduction in visual arts. The new image/text THEORIES make meaning not only by building a new interpretative text through absorption and transformation of other texts, but also by embedding the entirety of other texts (analog and digital) seamlessly within the new.